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I won't probably be posting anything or even be active before a long time.
Sorry for that.
New Ruler
"With the right stone, you could rule all of Equestria"
Maud is trying to take over Equestria, that's why she is studying stones so much, I'm sure about that.
Overall the episode was really funny. And I really love maud, she is so great :D

Made on Clip Studio Paint
Maud Pie belongs to Hasbro
Peace at Last
Some peaceful time for Shining Armor, just the time Flurry Heart is sleeping, it won't be long before another battle starts.
Poor shining, having a child is not easy :D

Made on Clip Studio Paint.
Shining Armor and Flurry Hearts belong to Hasbro.
A little drawing of derpy (at last :D). Nothing special here, I just wanted to practice a bit with the backgrounds as well as just drawing, it's has actually been a long time that I haven't hold a pen to draw. >_<

Made on Clip Studio Paint
Derpy belongs to Hasro
Queen Novo
Sorry for the spoiler, but well, I had to draw her.
I'm really happy to have some sea ponies in my little pony, moreover on the movie. And their designs look totally awesome! I'm so in love with them :D
Queen novo especially is more than gorgeous. I can't wait for the movie now.

Made on Clip Studio Paint
Queen Novo belongs to Hasbro
Tagged by :iconshimmer5o:

1. Are you self taught or do you take classes?
I'm self taught, supposing we can say that I've taught anything :D

2. Do you consider yourself a good artist?
Everyone is a good artist as soon as you do what you're doing with passion.
Well all depends on how do you define "good artist". After if the question is do I consider what I do is good the answer is obviously no :meow:

3. How long have you been drawing
The first time I have drawn is something like 2 years and a half, but I've have been doing it regularly for one year now

4. What annoys you most about being an artist?
Probably the lack of time, so much to be drawn and so few that will be done.

5. What do you draw most?
ponies and clouds XD

6. How old are you?
As far I can remember, I'm 24 years old.

7. Traditional or Digital?
Both with a little preference for digital.

8. Has someone even said your bad?
I don't think so, I'm so disappointed :(

9. Who inspired you?
Anyone who draw. And currently more particullarly Pillonchou for the ponies Shimmer5O for humans and cloth, CrystallinePone for traditional. Also Speed-Chaser for forcing me to draw stuff I don't necessarily know how to draw and making me learn on the fly :D

And as usual I'm tagging nobody :)


Itresad's Profile Picture
Hi there!

I'm Itresad and I like to vector ponies, sea creatures and other stuff (well, mostly pony at the moment).
I am a bit shy but I like conversations, so do not hesitate to interact, comment or criticize.
Also if you want me to draw anything special you can always ask me.


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